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US CLUB REGIONAL CHAMPIONS 2018/19 & 2013/2014

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The IDF Experience

International Development Fútbol (IDF) of the Triangle is a player education program whose objective is to develop technically proficient and creative players who can excel in the modern game at either the college or professional level, if they so desire. We do so by providing an international level player experience.

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At Inter Development Fútbol we replicate a training environment that follows standards comparable to the best soccer clubs in the world. Discipline and focus are integral to a player’s learning and it is at the forefront of everything we do.  Every IDF player will be placed in a competitive, nurturing and disciplined environment that enhances their individual technical competence as well as their tactical awareness.

Our coaches are here to enhance a players ability to think critically, allowing them to express themselves on and off the field,  ensuring we are developing a well-rounded player that will transcend our core values and communication skills into their social, academic, and professional life.

With practice 3-4 times a week our training philosophy reflects our system and style of play.  

We utilize small sided games to improve technical skills, teach tactical awareness and positional play.  This environment will create players with higher self esteem that plays with a tremendous amount of confidence and self expression.



Currently, IDF plays within the Carolina Champions League (CCL) sanctioned by US Club Soccer. This provides competitive gameplay opportunities for IDF players. Seeing us face teams such as Barca Academy, Carolina Rapids, FC Athletico, Queens City Mutiny and Discovery Soccer Club.

IDF players compete in, regional, national and international tournaments. Winning US Club regionals multiple times since the Club formed.

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IDF players have been privileged to compete successfully in prestigious international tournaments such as Copa Cataluna Soccer Tournament in Spain, International Cup in Italy (Champions in two age groups) and also the Mediterranean International Cup in Spain where our players gained valuable experience competing against FC Barcelona. 

Many of the big names in soccer today participated in The Mediterranean International Cup as young players.  Players such as, Lionel Messi, Juan Mata, Giovanni Dos Santos, Gerrard Pique & Neymar.

We also had the privilege of being invited to Iceland & England where we competed against several professional academies, such as Manchester City Football Club, Huddersfield Town A.F.C, Norwich City FC, and Preston North End FC to name a few.  With the highlight of the trip is being able to compete against Manchester City Football Club Academy team at their prestigious £200m Etihad Campus.


IDF Parent Since 2013

“We played with all the big clubs in the area. In general, there was a frustrating tolerance of poor fundamentals in training. Poor passing, poor decisions, little correction. Somehow players were expected to be crisp on game day. Years of development, time and money were wasted. We met one of the IDF coaches and were impressed with the training: every touch mattered. We liked the respect Coach commanded from the players. We liked the continuity of coaches, players and families. You might think our players would tired of the passing drills or strength training, but they know they are learning the necessary tools to possess the ball on game day. We have faced old teams in competition and the differences in fundamental skills and player growth are obvious. Each year, our players have a choice; each year, they choose IDF. We’ve been with IDF 4 years and have 3 players in the program.”

IDF Parent Since 2013

“My son joined the team just prior to a team trip to England to train with coaches from academies of several professional teams in Manchester, Norwich and Peterborough. They even got to sit down with legendary midfielder Patrick Vieira in Manchester City Academy to talk football. But the biggest thrill was the chance to play the academy teams. One local family complemented “Your lads play football the way it was meant to be played”. The trip was a success but also a learning of the level of hard work that would be required to improve and compete at the highest levels. I highly recommend IDF to anyone looking to maximize player development through high expectations, encouragement and excellence.“

IDF Parent Since 2015

“At the previous club, our son had 6 coaches over 2 1/2 seasons which lead to inconsistency in coaching philosophy and techniques. While some of these coaches were good, they were never around long enough to leave a lasting benefit. After my son’s last year, we requested an opportunity for him to try out for an older age group against higher quality competition as he often dominated his peers. The request was denied. We found IDF during a local tournament and were impressed by the quality of play on the field and the conduct of the players off the field. During our visit for a skills evaluation, we spent 20 minutes with the Director to discuss our soccer goals for our son. The Director assured us that with the right environment, commitment and hard work, these goals were attainable. Two years later, we are pleased with our son’s progress on the field. Coming to IDF was the right decision for our son. Now our daughter, an ECNL player, also trains with an IDF team.”