the idf way

 The single most important function of IDF coaches is to deliver the IDF player education philosophy.

All IDF coaches work within the IDF curriculum and deliver training sessions based on the player’s needs at that stage of his/her development.  An appropriate coach/player ratio is maintained for each practice or activity.

IDF coaches are knowledgeable, organized and enthusiastic. They are required to plan and prepare for practice in advance so the needs of every player can be met at every single practice. Through its high standards, IDF creates a learning focused and fun environment that is both nurturing and demanding. For this reason, IDF players are always excited to attend practice and the benefits are tangible.

Players at IDF will learn from all IDF qualified coaches.  All IDF coaches work with all the players through multiple age groups based on ability and stage of development. At IDF, coaches are not assigned to a specific team or group of players, coaches work with all the players.

Because our program places a premium on working with both players and parents, we have enjoyed an extraordinary level of success locally, nationally and most importantly, internationally.  Since inception, IDF has embraced a very clear philosophy, we know who we are, we know the kind of players we are developing and this is reflected in everything we do, how we play, dress, communicate.