IDF recognizes players moving onto College and MLS!


Over the years Inter Development Fútbol (IDF) has been committed to working with players at a level that prepares them to advance and be competitive at the collegiate and professional level.

IDF players have always been informed that it takes a minimum of 6 years to build a footballing foundation that prepares them to realize their full potential and move into the next phase of their football career prepared for the challenge. 

Last year we had Ajani “Jay” Fortune go to Atlanta United and continue on to play international football, representing Trinidad & Tobago in the FIFA CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers. Jay spent his entire youth at IDF learning to play the game.

Last night IDF recognized Matthew Edwards, Enoch Carrell, Tyler Clayton and Caleb Wilgen as they prepare to move on to their next challenge. All of them spent the last 6 years of their youth career at IDF.

Caleb and Enoch will continue their careers as student athletes at Earlham University and Lander University respectively. Matthew will join Jay at Atlanta United and Tyler declined a scholarship at Christian Brothers University to attend UNC.

We are proud of the young men who have literally grown up in front of us and we are confident that they are all prepared for whatever is ahead of them in the next chapter of their journey.